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Adiel Gorel

Adiel Gorel has more than three decades of successful real estate investing experience. As the CEO of ICG (International Capital Group) Real Estate, a world-renowned real estate investment firm founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1987, Adiel has helped investors utilize one of the most powerful investment tools—single family rental homes. He teaches people how to have fun with a process most find complex and speaks about the importance of securing a strong financial future for retirement, business investing, and college education.

Through ICG, he has assisted thousands of investors, from novice to expert, in purchasing over 10,000 properties to date. He is also the author of Remote Control Retirement Riches and Invest Then Rest: How to Buy Single-Family Rental Properties, which includes numerous investor reports describing their real-life investing experiences.

For over 30 years, ICG has hosted a 1-Day Expo each quarter, bringing expert speakers, market teams from all over the country, and hundreds of investors to the San Francisco Bay Area. ICG has an infrastructure of teams nationwide, supporting their investors.

Adiel is a life-long pursuer and avid learner of fitness, health, nutrition, and healthy living modalities. He has studied with numerous experts in these and other fields and has now created the Public Television Special Life 201, in which he features the expertise of eight world class specialists. The Public Television special will be followed by live Life 201 events, which will showcase experts in health and wellness sharing their knowledge and practical takeaways with event attendees.

Adiel has been featured on NBC, ABC, in Fortune Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, and numerous radio shows showcasing his no-nonsense, insightful approach to rental single family home investing. He speaks worldwide and throughout the US, sharing his knowledge on a variety of topics including Inflation: Friend or Foe?, How to Harness Inflation, Securing a Powerful Financial Future, Investing in Single-Family Homes and The Real Meaning of the 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage.

ICG has established an infrastructure to support investors in many metropolitan areas in the US. Adiel owns many properties himself.

To this day, Adiel supports individual investors via planning, assistance in remote home buying, and property management issues resolution.

He holds a master’s degree from Stanford University. His professional experience includes being a Hewlett-Packard research engineer, as well as management and director positions at Excel Telecommunications and several biotechnology firms. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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