Annie Jubb

ANNIE PADDEN JUBB is author of Lifefood Recipe Book; Living on Life Force and Secrets of an Alkaline Body; The New Science of Colloidal Biology. She is a pioneer in bio-based nutrition and the use of food as medicine. She is widely recognized as a world authority on detoxifying the body and cell rejuvenation. Her influence has been a catalyst for the living food lifestyle and revolutionary raw diet trend.

Annie is the founder of Lifefood and is a creative food alchemist and restauranteur of gourmet living food restaurants in San Francisco, NYC, and most recently Lifefood Organic Hollywood and Santa Monica —that Condé Nast awarded, ‘healthiest vegan takeout in town’.

Since 1989 she has taught extensively. She is sought out for her understanding of food alchemy and organic industry trends and regularly consults for national and international brands. Her latest project, Lifefood Nutritionals, is a biodynamic farm growing medicinal plants for her product lines. Visit her at


Annie Jubb’s Videos

Annie Jubb – Introduction

ANNIE PADDEN JUBB talks about her work, Lifefood Nutrition, and the important role enzymes play ... You are unauthorized to...