How To Prevent Chronic Lyme Disease with Dr. Tom Moorcroft

Like many others, Dr. Tom Moorcroft suffered from unexplained symptoms for many years. Other medical professionals tried to tell him that it was all in his head or that he had an inexplicable case of chronic fatigue.  Finally, after 8 years, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease which explained many of his symptoms! But the journey wasn’t over. Another two years went by before he found out that he also suffered from babesiosis. Since then, Dr. Moorcroft has dedicated his career to being a solver of medical mysteries in the hopes that no one has to suffer through an unexplained illness for so long. We were so fortunate to have him on the show to discuss tick-borne illnesses, mold illness, and many other situations that he has treated in his career. Tune in for valuable knowledge on preventing chronic illness!