Lucian Ioja

Lucian Ioja has more than two decades of successful wealth-building and personal finance experience. He has helped hundreds of families utilize and implement unique financial strategies with the help of the most powerful macroeconomic financial model in the country. He teaches people how to think big about building wealth and how to implement the strategies which bring wealth, happiness, and success to their families.


As an independent consultant, not only to his personal clients but to other financial professionals around the country, his expertise goes far beyond his circle of influence. By assisting and training other advisors around the country, his reach is in the thousands of families. He is the author of the soon to be released book, #Unfollow the Herd, which describes the problems people face in trying to build wealth, the wealth-eroding forces which stand in the way, how to combat those forces and position your assets for financial success.

Lucian, since 2008, has been a National Trainer for Wealth In Motion, a financial modeling system. He teaches advisors around the country how to work with the Wealth In Motion simulator to help clients make the most informed, efficient, and effective financial decisions. He is very proud of his work here since the training of other advisors reaches out to many more families than he would ever be able to help personally.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA. Immigrating to the United States when he was 11, he most admires his mother and father for what they had to sacrifice for himself and his brother, moving across the world for a better opportunity for their sons. He is most thankful for his wife Abigail, daughter Alessia and son Titus.