Thank You for attending the Life 201 Summit on Breathing, Hosted by Adiel Gorel.

Life 201 features leading experts who provide practical everyday information and solutions that are often free, or low cost to implement. Our hope is that Life 201 can assist you on your wellness journey, providing you with relevant wellness information which, in consultation with your doctor or another medical professional, may help improve your health span and over all quality of life.

Don’t miss out: order your copy of the Life 201 | Breathe book, which can be purchased on Amazon, or direct from the Life 201 website and the Adiel Gorel website. The book features in-depth information on breathing from the same experts you just learned from during the Summit on Breathing, allowing you to deep dive into it after the Summit, reference the information at your leisure, and share it with your friends and family. It is also a useful tool to reference when consulting with your doctor or medical professional about whether implementing any of the teachings and information is right for you.

Next Summit: On Sexual Wellness

Also, register today for our next complimentary online Summit on Sexual Wellness, in February 2023. The Life 201 Sexual Wellness Summit will feature leading experts from the sexual health field, covering an array of topics exploring this all important topic. As usual, Adiel and his guests will provide practical topics and solutions to help all attendees deepen their knowledge about their sexual health, and practical things they can do to improve it.

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